About our Clinical Facility

Founded in December of 2016 by
Dr. Victoria E. Garcia D.O., FACOOG
& Dr Jorge L Diaz MS, D.O.

About Doral Medical Research, LLC. (DMR)

Doral Medical Research was founded by Dr. Victoria E. Garcia D.O., FACOOG & Dr. Jorge L Diaz MS, D.O. in December 2016. Our Principal Investigators have extensive clinical trial experience.

DMR has all the required departments, equipment and experienced staff to perform Phase II-IV Clinical Trials.

Departments Include

  • ICF Rooms
  • Multiples Subjects Examinations room
  • Monitor rooms with internet access
  • Pharmacy Room: Ambient IP, Refrigerated IP or Frozen IP (vaccines)
  • Double lock with security and video surveillance 24-hours.
  • Fax and professional copier
  • Secured Temperature Controlled room
  • Access to diagnostic center.
  • IV infusion capabilities.
  • 20 Degree freezer
  • 70-degree Freezer
  • Ambient Centrifuge
  • Spirometry
  • EKG machine
  • Crash cart
  • Access to dry ice
  • Ultrasound at DMR facility
  • Access to radiology facility including CT scan, MRI and Bone Density Scan.